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 looking for a clan

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II Baumy II
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New Recruit

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PostSubject: looking for a clan   Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:12 am

Hi .. Im Danny, 20 years old from England

Recently joined this gow3 community , and i look through these posts you all send, and theirs far too many people that take this thing far too seriously, its called a game for a reason ... cause its only a game! and games are ment to be fun ... i want a clan that just has a laugh, tries their best to win matches .. but if they lose its not the end of the world.

Only recently bought GOW3 as ive just come back from ibiza, but i was fairly high ranked in gow 2

My COD clan went to xbox olympics in london last year and came 5th!!
We later decided to fold the clan as players had other commitments, I picked up a copy of GOW2 Last year and have since been hooked
if your intersted or need a extra player ... add my gamertag - II Baumy II

Thanks, Danny
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Rookie Gear
Rookie Gear

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PostSubject: Re: looking for a clan   Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:23 pm

Rather than starting another topic and clogging up the channel I am just going to piggyback this one, hope you don't mind baumy.
I am an average and possibly even below average gamer, but I love to play. I have been out of the console world for a few years and am wet behind the ears when it comes to online console gaming.
That being said I love to play, and be part of a team. I am dedicated to becoming better, but mostly to just having fun. I am looking for a mature group or "clan" of gamers that will tolerate my noob K/D ratio and play on a regular basis. I hate to throw this in but I am not looking to game with a bunch of 16 yr olds (or younger). I respect you younglings as excellent gamers and think nothing but the best of you, but your interests and maturity levels simply arent what I am looking for in gaming partners. If your group fits this criteria and will put up with my noobness I would love to join you down range sometime.
Thanx for your time!
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looking for a clan
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