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 Welcome to OMNIPOTENT

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PostSubject: Welcome to OMNIPOTENT    Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:46 pm

Whasgooood Gears of War 3 community ! Omnipotent is a new clan.
We're not trying to be some massive clan organization like KSI, were just looking for a few dedicated (preferably good) players to play public matches with!
We only need/want 10-15 members so that everyone knows each other and we all work well together, so send me ( gt: G IH 0 5 T [zero and 5]) a PM and be OMNIPOTENT.

if you happen to have a CAPTURE CARD, we'd love it if you joined the clan so that we can put commentaries/montages/clan-tages up and get the OMNIPOTENT name out on Youtube.

[ G IH 0 5 T ] OUT
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