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 The l Game looking for a Clan

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The l Game
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PostSubject: The l Game looking for a Clan   Thu Nov 03, 2011 3:20 am

Hi guys,
Im looking for 3-4 people in order to create a little funclan in gears 3.
Maybe after some time when we improved our teamplay we can start getting a aserious clan and playing in gaming leagues and such stuff Wink

Gaming :
I would say im more the aggressive rushing player, so im looking forward to some guys with great game knowledge and supporting skills.
At the moment my kd is between 2.0 and 3.0 in the different game modes, it could be higher but it just doesnt make fun to play without taking risks Smile

A bit about me:
Im 18 years old and from germany, i have succeded a high school grade so my english shouldnt be that bad Laughing
In real life i do bodybuilding (since 3 years) and of course i play videogames very much.
You dont have to have a headset and at the moment mine doesnt work(damaged), so the first clan meetings i probably wont be able to communicate with my voice.

The Clan:
My current GT is " TyLeRdUrDeN 00 "( yeah fight club is my favourite movie Surprised ), but it will be changed in " The l Game " soon...the clan names should look like this, for example: The l Beast or something like this, be creative Very Happy
My computer skills are bad so it would be good if another guy could have some skills in this area(for example doing a homepge).

Summary: If you want to be part of a little funclan with good players or if you just want to avoid to play with idiotical teammates that dont revive you and steal your kills, just post a comment here or send a message to my Gamertag.

The l Game

P.S: You can also contact my youtube channel(which isnt good, but the vids will get better because next month i will have much more time to play):

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The l Game looking for a Clan
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