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 XGL Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: XGL Code Of Conduct   Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:55 pm

Before you read these I'd just like to say I didn't write them. These were written by the clan leader after 10 years of running XGL so even though they might seem a bit stupid or pointless I think he knows what he's doing. Also only the conduct part applies to the Gears team right now until we get good footing. And the practise thing is at the squad leaders discretion.


These are the new Clan Guidelines that have to be adhere'd to at all times by all Clan Members, these guidelines are setup to get the clan back on track and get the reputation of the clan back to a good standard aswell as create a better organisation and management within the clan.

1. All Clan Members must read, understand, and agree to the code of conduct

2. XGL is a respect clan in the casual clan scene and have been for many years this means we don't tolerate harassment, disrespectful behavior, racial slurs or any kind of discrimination against anyone online or during clan matches,threats, hacking, or poaching, as well as fraud are also not tolerated in XGL.

3. Respect your opponants and your fellow clan members as this goes both ways, you are representing XGL where ever you go online in your gamertag or in matchmaking with the clan tag so any poor behaviour would be fed back to us and dent our reputation as a clan even further if we recieve complaints.

4. Activity - You are encouraged to be active on a weekly basis either on Xbox Live or the XGL site, we play regular weekly league games so the importance of being available for matches is high,any clan member who does not take part in any matches for over 2 months will be automatically removed from our clan roster.

5. Conduct - anyone found shouting,disrespecting,moaning to any of our opponants either during the clan match or at the end of clan matches then thier will be an immediate 2 week ban for taking part in any clan matches. any repeat offences after the ban will lead to being dropped from the clan. if you are having a bad day or you feel stressed when going into clan matches it is advised to mute your opponants so then they cannot hear your frustrations also to mute your team if it becomes unmanageable as any bad feeling in a match ruins the mood for the team playing in the match.

6. The clan is your online family and should be treated as such,arguments between clan members and talking behind clan members backs is not tolerated everyone should get along as any issues spoils the mood when preparing for clan matches and also ruins clan matches if arguments are still ongoing please get along with your fellow clan mates the best you can if you have any issues pm XGL iPotleg or XGL Aqua with your concerns, we will apply match bans to anyone who has caused issues within the clan if they recieve too many complaints.

Common sense and respect is all you need to fly the flag of XGL and help us gain the respect that we once had, no one is bigger than the clan and everyone is replaceable so no matter the skill level conduct is very important. this clan has been going for 9 years and and this is the second time ive had to put some clan rules in place during this time to get us back on the straight and narrow let's all work together on this everyone.
Clan Management & Clan Match Signups

The Clan Match Signup threads are in place so we can signup a team for a League match or a scrim.

every clan match will have it's own thread in the forum and the thread will be up 1 week prior to the match taking place, clan members are required to post in the match signup so they can be added to the roster for the match, this is so we know who will be available for the clan match so preparations can be made. CLAN MATCH SIGNUPS is in the clan member area of the XGL forums.

if for any reason you are unable to use the site to signup to a clan match then contact XGL iPotleg or XGL Aqua to be included in the roster for the match. we encourage everyone to make the effort in signing up for the clan matches and also please consider other clan members and do not signup to too many matches, if thier are spaces on the roster for the match come the day of the match then go ahead and sign yourself up even if you have played in every match.

Clan Match Practice

Please make sure you are online and ready to practice for the clan match 30 minutes before the match at the latest. it is encouraged to be there 1 hour before the clan match to practice online in matchmaking and to go through strats in a private lobby to help ensure we have a good setup and to help us but this cannot be the case most days with work/uni/home stuff to do, please do not signup to clan matches if you are unable to make the matches 30 minutes prior to the start of the match as less than 30 mins isnt enough time to warmup for the match ahead.

Matches are either at 9pm or 9:30pm so for 9pm matches you need to be on at 8:30pm at the latest for matches at 9:30pm then you would need to be online at 9pm at the latest. if we have any missing players in team 20 mins before the match then a sub will be called upon to fill any remaining team places the sub does not need to be available for practice to be included in the roster for the match as if any places for the match becomes available we intend to fill it so that we do not let down any clans by cancelling a match due to lack of players.
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XGL Code Of Conduct
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