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 Suggestion for Epic Gears 1&2 Multiplayer Remake/Enhancement

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Should Epic Make A Gears 1&2 Multi-player Remake/Enhancement
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PostSubject: Suggestion for Epic Gears 1&2 Multiplayer Remake/Enhancement   Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:29 am

Honestly a great idea for epic. Ultimately, my idea is to make multi-player remakes of gears 1 and 2 and put them on 1 disk. Players can then choose between gears 1 gameplay, or gears 2 gameplay and play all the available game modes separately. I am sure both gears 1 and 2 gameplays would be heavily used. Keep the same levels and maybe throw a few new ones in. Don't mess with the gameplay "hardly at all" because so many people will settle for nothing less than the feel of the gameplay of either games. Personally, I love the gears 2 gameplay and can't even remember what gears 1 gameplay felt like. The issue with the current gears 1 and 2 is the following. Could both use graphics touch up/enhancement, the matchmaking is a problem, the connections r usually tripe, hosting is a huge problem "need host migration/servers", """"minor minor"""" gameplay fixes. So yes, that is about it. The bad connections/hosting r the worst problem of all, hosts constantly leave the game in gears 2 and the game just ends... everyone's connection needs to be equal, at least most times (using servers or something?). If this was advertised and sold in stores/ available for download on the xbox marketplace, I would 4 SURE BUY IT. I don't know how much of a budget something like this would need, but if it would be alot less than making a new another new gears, it is definitely worth it. Even so, I could definitely c a game like this outselling all other gears games adding up to huge profits. Small budget/huge number of sales. It would just have to be properly advertised to get the attention of all the true gears fans while explaining exactly what the game is. Please epic, think my friends. If their is any true gears players that c this, please AGREE. But I don't c why any of u would be on this forum, u prolly gave up raging a month or so after gears 3 was released and left shaking your head. So epic, please, listen to your fans. Thanks.
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Suggestion for Epic Gears 1&2 Multiplayer Remake/Enhancement
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