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 GOW:J is a Step Forward!!!

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PostSubject: GOW:J is a Step Forward!!!   Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:38 am

Gears of War Judgment is a step forward for the franchise. There, I laid it down. I am excited for this game beyond belief. I want to make this simple, I am going to ramble on just a tad bit more, then I am going to explain why I have stated what I so boldly did in the title.

From Gears of War 3 I didn't just expect the best game in the franchise, I seriously expected the greatest game of all time, I did. And still, with such high expectations, I was blown away. It was more than I expected. And now, for Judgment, I expect the same.

Bring on Judgment, let us all move forward, lets play a better Gears.


New Controls- This is simple. We have some changed controls, now when we have a grenade, and are in the perfect situation t use it, you can use it, you can capitalize off other people's mistakes. If you have a gun that would help in a situation, but you don't have it out, don't fret, you can get it out quick, and know that is what you will get. You can go into each battle how you want and play the battle out how you want. If someone is running away after being damaged greatly, don't fret or yell at the game for allowing people to jump off ledges, just switch to your secondary in a second and finish the guy off. You can do what you want quickly. We will no longer be slowed down by the game. Sounds good to me.

No Locust- I don't see much to say about this. It isn't a gameplay change which is what I want to talk about, but if it changes gameplay at all, it is for the better with more constant hitboxes.

Jumping Off Ledges- Go where you want, simple, awesome. See a great vantage point on a player down below you? Jump down there, and make that move. Unaware players will be flanked, quick players will escape, bad players will die. This is what we want.

No DBNO- This is the biggest blessing of this game. Which is impressive, because at first I was disgusted, I couldn't believe it, but now I realize I always wanted it without knowing. I wasn't extremely excited for this game until I realized how great of a change this was. Gnasher users rejoice! Rifle users rejoice! Let us all rejoice! We are free of this plague, this seemingly necessary part of Gears of War. We don't need it, we shoudn't want it. You no longer have to kill players twice, the magic of this is how much it benefits the better player when multi-teamed. You no longer have to waste a clip to take down a downed guy, you have to put just enough damage into him to kill him and no more, that's that, then you move on to the next enemy. The Gnasher will be so much more fun, player after player we can take on and not be plagued by killing them when they are down, they will die, and we can focus on the next threat. For rifle users, you are completely fine shooting from a distcane, if they get behind cover you do not have to try and run up to finish them, have fun.

No Stopping Power- Words do not need to be said for this, it is just great. Play hard, play fast, and don't expect the game to help you hit your target.

These are just some brief thoughts, and why I am so excited for Judgment. If you want to discuss, I would prefer we discuss what steps forward Judgment is taking, rather than arguing about good and bad. What are you all happy about?
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PostSubject: Re: GOW:J is a Step Forward!!!   Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:51 am

Good tid bits for hardcore Gear players...bad tid bits for certain gears players lol..


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GOW:J is a Step Forward!!!
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