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 Watch Dogs lead leaves Ubisoft, joins EA

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PostSubject: Watch Dogs lead leaves Ubisoft, joins EA   Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:29 am

Jamie Keen exits Ubisoft Montreal, joins Need For Speed team EA Gothenburg.

Watch Dogs' lead game designer Jamie Keen has left Ubisoft and joined EA, his online CV has revealed.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Keen, who also acted as lead game designer on last year's Far Cry 3, left Ubisoft Montreal in February to join EA Gothenburg as a gameplay producer.

Keen presumably joins Gothenburg (aka Ghost Games) to work on the studio's unannounced Need For Speed title, which is expected to use EA's Frostbite 2 engine and be in development for next-generation consoles.

Criterion is also reported to be working with Gothenburg on the project.

There's some confusion over the exact dates as to when Keen departed Ubisoft. His CV states that he left during February 2012. However, he was still working on Far Cry 3 until late 2012, suggesting that he may have actually left during February 2013.

It isn't yet known how Keen's departure will affect development on Watch Dogs, which is due to release on current and next-generation consoles and PC later this year.

A Ubisoft representative told that it was "not able to comment" on Keen's departure.



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Watch Dogs lead leaves Ubisoft, joins EA
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