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 Assassinís Creed 4: Black Flag wonít ignore Desmond

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PostSubject: Assassinís Creed 4: Black Flag wonít ignore Desmond   Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:24 am

Former Assassinís Creed protagonist Desmond has been retired, but Ubisoft has promised to continue the franchiseís meta-story in Assassinís Creed 4: Black Flag.

ďDesmond has been the main protagonist of the franchise so far. This wonít be the case in [Black Flag],Ē creative director Jean Guesdon said in an Ubisoft-produced interview.

ďThat being said [Black Flag] is not a reboot, neither is it a spinoff and weíre continuing to develop a consistent mythology. So yes, Desmond will be referred to as a very important legacy of the AC universe.Ē

There will still be present-day gameplay sections, but Guesdon retreated into canon to cagily give an idea of what we can expect.

ďAbstergo Entertainment is a subset of the Abstergo conglomerate. Itís a division specialised in Entertainment providing historical content for games or movies. Abstergo Entertainment has worked closely with Ubisoft to deliver Assassinís Creed Liberation the Multiplayer of Assassinís Creed III,Ē he noted.

ďAbstergo Entertainment is [Black Flag] present playground and players will be immersed like never before in the AC universe. They will become part of the AC universe, able to meet some already known protagonists of the AC franchise.Ē

Assassinís Creed 4: Black Flag is headed to PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Xbox 360, and is also expected on the NeXtbox or Xbox 720 or whatever the wretched thing ends up being called.


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Assassinís Creed 4: Black Flag wonít ignore Desmond
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