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 EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)

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PostSubject: EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)   Fri May 10, 2013 11:34 pm

EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)

This week's Podcast was crammed with loads of Questions and many Answers we have all been dying to know. So I have devised a Q&A for all those who have not seen or don't watch the Podcasts.


When is Capitol being released?

In fact Capitol has undergone a name change, in which more information will be released for the upcoming overrun map TOMORROW.

When is the next DLC being released?

Next week we will have more information on the upcoming DLC by EPIC.

What is the new Gametype for the upcoming DLC?

It will be a single objective based gametype, more information next week.

When is the Title Update being released?

More information will be released on the TU when EPIC release more information on the Upcoming DLC (So next week). Also will be released with the new DLC.

Are there going to be more Characters in future DLC?

At this point according to Raczilla, there are no future plans for any DLC characters.


Why are DLC achievements locked only to online Multiplayer?

According to Jim, this will all be fixed in the next TU. You will be able to gain achievements within Private.

Can we get Gears of War 3 TDM back? (Clutch Factor)

At this point it is impossible.

Can centre screen firing be removed?


Can the Scorcher ammo be reduced?

Under discussion, at this current time the Scorcher can easily kill 5 players with one clip. So they are going to have a look at what they can do with that.

Can we try the old control layout in the test server?

Unfortunately at this point it is impossible, so no.


Apparently there is an Easter Egg in Gondola, according to Pete it has something to do with shooting rocks. So to all Easter Egg hunters, get that down.

This Weeks Special Event is going to be Brothers till End,
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PostSubject: Re: EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)   Sat May 11, 2013 12:35 am

They really do need to reduce the scorcher, it's ridiculous how overpowered that thing is.

Achievements in private! Woo hoo for me lol!

Half the questions were answered with 'you'll find out next week.'

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PostSubject: Re: EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)   Sat May 11, 2013 1:32 am

haha glad i wasent the only one who didnt have to catch all of this...Next Week...lmao, but that is funny "Next week" the first few questions lol


-WHO WANTS TOAST!!!- Marcus Fenix
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PostSubject: Re: EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)   

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EPIC Weekly Podcast Breakdown! (10/5/13)
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