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 New Blood - Characters

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PostSubject: New Blood - Characters   Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:23 am


Marcus Fenix - A warrior, a husband, a leader of his people and a loving father. Marcus was the true definition of ‘Badass’! His stories of Heroism and bravery will be archived in Serian history books and told over campfires for a millennia. Every Serian knows they owe their freedom to an old COG outfit led by Marcus Fenix named Delta squad. Marcus, caught off guard and unarmed was brutally murdered by Bodakia RAAM in A.E. 33.

(As a hardcore fan of GOW I need to get this off my chest! It wasn't easy for me to kill Marcus. Not only was he a main character and the face of Gears he was one of my Favorite characters of all time! But where heroes die legends are born. The vision I have for GOW is long term and new heroes, new badasses need to rise for that to happen. R.I.P Marcus, I hope I did you justice in your demise. For your Death shall not be in vain!)

"Young" Adam Dominic Fenix - First born son (by 13 mins.) of Marcus and Anya Fenix. Adam was named after his grandfather the late Adam Fenix and Marcus' best friend Dominic Santiago. Adam has always been a thinker and has an uncanny ability to stay calm and collected in the worst of scenarios.

"Young" Reginald Fenix - Twin brother of Adam, second born son to Marcus and Anya Fenix. As the story goes Marcus and Anya weren’t expecting twins and therefore didn’t have a name prepared for his birth. After delivering the twins Anya said she’d rather take on an entire Regiment of Locust then to ever do that again. Marcus laughed, looked down at his son and said. “You hear that, your momma says you’re tougher than an entire Regiment of grubs!”. “Well, 'Reg' it is then little man”, “Reginald ‘Ass Kicker’ Fenix!” he proclaimed.

"Young" Ashley Fenix - Daughter of Marcus and Anya Fenix. She was born four years after her older brothers. 'Ash' as most refer to her as, may have the mind of her mother but don’t let that mislead you. For the fire of her fathers heart burns bright within her.

Bodakia RAAM - Half blood Son of General RAAM. A powerful beast with a cunning mind. The only thing greater then his hatred for mankind is his will to put an end to the Fenix bloodline. Leading an all out attack on Valmere and Chancellor Fenix. He Brutally murdered the Fenix’s in their own home, in front of their three children.

Capt. Rakkar - Bodakias' personal bodyguard. A ruthless brute with a hunger for human flesh. He once carefully skewed a man as not to kill him. Just to cook him slowly, slicing his meat from his bones while he was still alive!

Anya Fenix - Chancellor of Valmere (the largest non militarized city left on Sera). She will be remembered as arguably the greatest Chancellor the Serians have ever known. It was through her leadership and love for mankind that the people of Sera united. The decimated, war torn planet had began to rebuild and civilization had begun to thrive once again. Married to Marcus Fenix, they had three children before her untimely demise at the hands of Capt. Rakkar.

Damon Baird - Once a member of the famed Gears Delta squad. Damon had become a member of the high council of Valmere and the Chancellors most trusted advisor. His contributions to the rebuilding of the Serian civilization will be forever remembered by the free people. As will his cocky attitude!

"The Pack"

Reginald Fenix “Reg" – 26 year old Caucasian male, 6’4”, 265lbs. A combative elitist, Reg was trained by the finest members of the OSF (Onyx Special Forces) his entire pre adult life. Rather than serve 10 years in the Militia, he choose to leave Onyx when he turned 18. Roaming Sera the last eight years he’s put together a small militia of his own known as “The Pack”. As the founding member and leader of this small but powerful clan, he’s well known and respected outside of the walls of Onyx.

Specialization Skills - Leadership, Hand to hand combat, COG Armor and Weapons.

Johnny Cavalera “Cav" – 24 year old Hispanic male, 6’0”, 200lbs . Growing up in Boroughs town, he has never experienced the structured and disciplined life of an Onyx citizen. A bit of a rebel, he is well known amongst the traders and prospectors of Sera. He’s also known for his charming reputation with the ladies. Still, growing up outside the walls of Onyx is no easy life and Johnny has had it rougher than most.

Specialization Skills - Bartering, Speech, Serian weapons and armor.

Abran Mason “Tank" – 35 year old Black male, 6’6”, 300lbs. Before Re-emergence day he was a respected Engineer and professional body builder. But ever since the locust murdered his entire family he had roamed the DZ seeking vengeance on any grey skins he could find. A Hulk of a man, rumor is he’d never lost a fight. Well, until he met Reginald that is. After defeating the big man in hand to hand combat. Reg asked him for his assistance, promising that together, they would kill every last grub on the face of the planet. Having earned his respect through sheer combativeness, Abran accepted his offer.

Specialization Skills - Explosives, Heavy weapons and armor.

Sineca Crow “Sin" – 22 year old Indian female 5’9”, 125lbs. with yellowish brown eyes and a light brown complexion. No one knows much about her except that she had lived her entire life out in the DZ. Reg went out on a salvage run one day and she came back with him. Says he found her in an abandoned warehouse. One thing is for sure, she obviously feels indebted to him for something that happened out in the DZ that day. Don’t let her pretty face fool you. They don’t just call her “Sin” because of her first name. She’s a dangerous girl with a heart as dark as her Jet black hair.

Specialization Skills - Tracking, Stealth, Assassination, Sumerian Bow, Ancestral Blade, Glycon light armor.

Alistar Krum "Star" – 40 year old Caucasian male (of European descent), 6’4”, 285lbs. He’s an Ex member of the OSF and is considered a traitor to the Onyx militia after abandoning his post and fleeing the city. A mission oriented man, it wasn’t difficult for Reginald to convince him that he belonged in The Pack. He wasn’t fond of his reputation as a Merc and was happy to become part of a unit again, for his son’s sake if nothing else.

Specialization Skills - Navigation, Hand to hand combat, OSF weapons and armor.

Jimmy Sato “Bones" – 21 year old Asian male, 5’10”, 180lbs. His father Takumi Sato was the leading engineer behind the creation of the Land Hammers and is a member of the Chairman’s council in Onyx. Jimmy, tired of the constant pressure set by the expectations of his father’s reputation fled Onyx in A.E 38. Affectionatley named "Bones" by Reginald partially because of his ability to build practically anything from the bare minimum and partially because of his smallish frame.

Specialization Skills - Engineering, Codec, Dual (Electrical) Pulse Pistols, Light armor.

William Krum “Billy" – 18 year old male, 6’2”, 220lbs . His mother was killed by the Locust when he was just an infant. Son of Alistar, he fled Onyx with his father when he was 16. Living as mercenaries they roamed Sera without any real purpose and were just living by the old rules of “survival of the fittest”. Reginald, knowing talent when he sees it, recruited the Krums. By offering them a chance to be a part of something again, a family, a Pack! Of course killing lots of Grey skins was also part of the deal.

Specialization Skills - Hand to hand combat, Navigation, Merc weapons and armor.

Rebecca Lennox – 24 year old Caucasian female (of European Descent), 5’11”, 130lbs. Known as quite the scrapper, she once served as the only bouncer of the Buffalo Rose (the local Pub in Boroughs town). She drew Reginald’s attention after beating the crap out of 4 thugs that refused to pay for their liquor. Of course her long vibrant red hair and tight black leather pants didn’t hurt much either.

Specialization Skills - Intimidation, Hand to hand combat, Sniping, Light armor.
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New Blood - Characters
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