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 Crossing The Line unveiled for Xbox One

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PostSubject: Crossing The Line unveiled for Xbox One   Mon May 12, 2014 9:50 pm

Zomboko Entertainment has announced that Crossing The Line, a CryEngine-powered "mystical" first-person shooter, will appear on Xbox One. Find screenshots below - notice that there isn't a gun in any of them. Not your average blaster, then.

The game takes place in the present day, and stars a policeman who can switch between the world of the living and that of the dead - spend too long in the latter, and you may wind up becoming a permanent resident. Your objective is to save your wife from the netherworld, having lost her to a terrorist attack some years previous.

Zomboko Entertainment is in fact just one person, Artyom Mironov, who lives and works in Moscow. Presumably, his game will be released on Xbox One by way of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program - there doesn't appear to be a publisher, at the time of writing.

There's not much to add right now, other than the below screenshots. The art style was more abstract to begin with, apparently, but Zomboko ultimately decided that a realistic look would be best. Ta, DSOGaming.

[Via: TotalXbox]


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Crossing The Line unveiled for Xbox One
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