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 Some words from Rod...

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PostSubject: Some words from Rod...   Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:17 am

The guy over at Epic games reveals some interesting things for Gears of War 3:

* - Lieutenant Kim will not be playable in the beta; will possibly be in the retail version of Gears 3, although Rod said he “might not make it in”
* - The melee system is based on height.
* - You earn nothing if you reach 100 in the beta. Nothing said about bonus if you reached 100 in Gears 2
* - The Epic Edition of Gears 3 will contain everything the Limited Edition does, plus more.
* - Australia/South East Asia will have a dedicated server
* - It is unlikely that Epic will go to Germany for promotions due to content restrictions
* - Rod doesn’t care what level you are at, as long as you have the Veteran achievement in Gears 2 (comment made for those who had their profile erased)
* - Rod said that there are a lot of changes to Horde mode
* - A full sized replica retro lancer is in the making
* - Clay Carmine will have a unique voice and will not sound like his brothers
* - Some characters will have costume variants, not all
* - Epic will most likely hold promotions in the UK at launch
* - The Leader deviants out if crushed by the scoreboard
* - Not all of the weapons will be available in the beta
* - 13 playable characters in the beta. 5 per side, plus leaders (2), plus thrash ball Cole
* - Epic Edition contents will be released sometime around E3 or Comic Con
* - Worldwide release on 20th, 2 day release in Japan
* - No dueling if two people clash with retro Lancers
* - Dedicated servers will be spread around the world equally
* - If you’re in Mexico, the only way to get into the beta is through the BS epic edition
* - Shoot out of Roadie Run delay is between Gears 1 and 2.
* - Skorge is dead
* - If someone with a retro lancer charges someone with a revved chainsaw, chainsaw wins
* - Possible DLC skins for the weapons
* - Tai tortured skin will not be available
* - If two people charge each other with the retro lancer, both die
* - Old maps from gears 1 and 2 will not be in the retail version of Gears 3, possible DLC
* - Number 1 played map in Gears 2 is Blood drive (surprise)
* - Possible hint to more animated skins
* - Look for quality matches in the beta
* - Gears will most likely be at Pax Prime in August
* - There will most likely be midnight launch exclusives
* - Possibility: First non preview (early access week?) week: TDM, next week King of the hill, last week CTL
* - Ribbons and metals are in the beta
* - Possible throwback skins to Gears 2
* - Golden weapons will make a return (duh)
* - Gears 3 will not be on two discs
* - There will be a penalty for people who leave the game early
* - Armored Kantus in MP TBD (to be determined)
* - We will not be able to get the Epic Staff the liquid skin
* - Flaming retro lancer TBD
* - Wingman will make a return, 4 teams instead of 5
* - Next seriously achievement is more realistic (not a million kills or something) and across all modes
* - Social matches make a return, called public
* - Boltok is the same as the Gears 2 Boltok
* - Griffin will be playable in MP
* - Epic edition is massive?
* - The matchmaking in gears 3 will be very different to the matchmaking in gears 2 (re-amped matchmaking)
* - Baird will have his goggles in gears 3
* - More creatures for beats mode will be revealed around E3
* - Chickens are killable n Old Town, you can kick them
* - Epic will possible use 3D in the future
* - No horde specific maps
* - No UIR characters (Union of Independent Republics)
* - Plenty of changes made to the bots
* - Campaign is the biggest campaign epic has ever created
* - Will there be an Easter egg to make everyone have Dom beards? No comment.
* - Shotgun is consistent with lesser range (opinions from others who have played)
* - Torque Bow in the beta (sweet)
* - All weapons (except for a couple of surprises) will be in the beta
* - Will the silverback be in multiplayer? TBD
* - One shot execution is similar to mortar execution (dropping it on players head)
* - If you roll too much there is no benefit (I’m assuming RR will be faster?)
* - Mulcher execution: slam enemy in the back; knee them in the head (sweet)
* - All modes of play affect your ranking
* - There will be more books to the series
* - User generated content? no.
* - Will Adam Fenix be a playable Character? Possibility
* - Jungle map in gears 3? No, deepening how you define jungle
* - Cannot play as stranded in MP, can kill them in beast
* - Will maps have rain? TBD
* - Dark maps in Gears 3? Possibly
* - Mantle kick, sawed off shotgun combo = the best
* - Will private matches have customizable options? Yes
* - No Palace guard in Beast Mode
* - Wallpapers will be coming soon

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PostSubject: Re: Some words from Rod...   Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:35 am

i've seen beta footage and you can earn ALOT of medals/ribbons in 1 match.. i wonder how fast it is to rank up...
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PostSubject: Re: Some words from Rod...   Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:42 pm

i will be avang the wallpaper Smile it could be good Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Some words from Rod...   

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Some words from Rod...
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