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 0. SC2 vs WCIII

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PostSubject: 0. SC2 vs WCIII    Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:21 pm

SC2 multiplayer is terrible I gotta say. It's usually the rushers that win because it's damn hard to defend a separate base with 4 players. And "cheese" can end a game damn quick - eg mass hellions in the mineral line. And multiplayer is full of cheese.

Single player I like - I didn't like WCIII single player. In WCIII, maybe just because I was bad at it - but if you fell behind it was just a downhill slide to a loss. In SC2 you can slide downhill but you can also easily reverse the game if your opponent makes a mistake and you capitalize - or if you put the right pressure on.
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Also, I played WCIII the other day just for comparison. 4v4 and of course some guy on our team immediately uproots his tree and dets his wisps. Isn't this game like 8 years old? People are still bothering to be idiots in 4v4?

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Cole Train
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PostSubject: Re: 0. SC2 vs WCIII    Sat Jul 09, 2011 3:34 pm

I'm guessing your talking about Starcraft 2 and War Craft 3. Please post in the right section next time. I moved the thread to Off topic.

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0. SC2 vs WCIII
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